Monday, July 30, 2007

Week of Sunday, July 29 - Saturday, August 4

This week I will do challenge 27: Go to a trial. Here in Toronto, the courts are open to the public and I remember in grade 7 going on a trip with my class to see a trial. Most of them were fairly uninteresting, like failing to pay for a parking ticket, but there was one woman who had stolen a $1000 coat from Holt Renfrew. She got a ticket and a restraining order dictating that she was not allowed to come within a certain distance of any Holt Renfrew store. And I couldn't help wondering how they could enforce that! I mean, they don't have checkpoints stationed 100 meters away from Holt checking your ID to make sure you can get closer to the store...
Anyways, so I'll visit Old City Hall this week, it's not too far from my house, and it's open to the public. However I do think I may go to a criminal trial as it sounds more interesting, and because Old City Hall only holds criminal trials.
I'm looking forward to this one because it's interesting to look into the way a courtroom is run, and to see what kind of people come in, study their body language and reactions. I hope to do this soon!

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