Friday, July 27, 2007

Volunteering, and My Day

Okay, so I didn't start this blog for diary-esque purposes, but I just have to say I've been having a really good day today. I feel really down-to-earth, connected, into what's going on around me. I'm listening to the Imogen Heap song Just For Now, watching this video of her recording it using a sampler. And I'm off soon to see the Simpson's movie! I love the Simpson's almost as much as I love Family Guy, so I'm excited.
I did the volunteering challenge on Wednesday! I went with a friend down to Etobicoke at 8am (had to wake up at 6:30!) to a neighbourhood that had no place for kids to play and no money to build something themselves. So the Kaboom! oganization, along with Build A Bear Workshop, organized approximately 60 volunteers to come build a playground in one day. It was a fantastic experience, although I discovered that I'm absolutely useless with a hammer, that shoveling really kills your arm muscles (quick googling told me it was the extensor muscle), and that babysitting a bunch of little kids whose parents are trying to be good citizens gets very tiring after a few hours. It was a great experience, and it felt good to be volunteering because I want to, and not because I have to.
Must go, though. Don't want to be late for the movie.

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