Friday, August 10, 2007

Challenge 51 - Watch a movie on my own.

This week I completed the actual challenge I was supposed to do this week - challenge #51 - go to a movie by myself. I didn't go to a movie in a theatre, but i brought one home that i've been meaning to see for a very long time - "JesusCamp".
I loved the movie, I loathed the people in charge of the camp, and I ranted about it in my other (new) blog.
Just to clarify: my new blog is a regular blog that I'm going to be keeping kind of like a journal/notebook, as opposed to this blog, which chronicles my challenges.
So if you want to see my rant and my new blog, you can check out YYZ to TLV at

I've gotta add that I'm really tired and I totally didn't feel like blogging about this today. I'm also blogging sloppily and I feel like I'm writing really retarded things. But the point of what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying really hard to keep on going with The Fifty-Third Challenge, to keep blogging and to not give up on this list.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'd also like to add that I love getting your comments and feedback and that it keeps me motivated to keep going! So please leave more of them (if you've got something to say!)


Hear ye, Hear ye!

I. am. sorry. Mostly to myself. For not updating this blog for over a week. So because of an overload of emotions last week I never ended up completing my challenge. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm adding a Challenge. This week I will do my challenge from last week (go to a trial) and my 53ed challenge: Write a list of the long-term goals I hope to achieve from this.

SO when this all started out not too long ago, I showed it proudly to my brothers who were v. supportive and thought this was a cool idea. One of them, however, put a bit of a damper on things: He told me that it was great that I was thinking of all these self-improvement things, but that doing things for just one week isn't the same as having year-long goals, that I needed to focus on things that would happen in the long run.
And now I realize that he wasn't criticizing my idea, not at all. I didn't take it hard when he said it, but now I'm taking it and I'm going to put his suggestion to use:

Why did I start doing this? Obviously for some sort of reason, with some sort of goal in mind. What are my long-term objectives? What do I hope to achieve?

So here it is: My 53ed (and probably most important challenge):

I am doing this because I want to better myself. I want to help out other people and I want to help out myself, and I honestly think I wouldn't have done most of these things if it hadn't been for the fact that I had challenged myself to do them.
I also think that this has given me an opportunity to actually do something about the things I believe in. Challenges like going to a protest and volunteering even though I've got all the hours I need for High School are things that I've always believed in, but now I have an extra reason to do them: to prove to myself that I can give myself a list of 52 goals and actually complete them.
Another big goal is to stick to this blog. I could've just written down a list of 52 challenges, stuck'em up on my wall, and crossed them off one by one. But the thing is that I've always wanted to keep a blog - and believe me, I've tried. I think I can count about 7 failed blogs in the past 4 years that I started writing but eventually ignored and forgot about. One of them was actually not that bad and I'm sad that I lost it. So this is going to be the blog that works: the one I don't let die off after a few short months. It's also about proving to myself that I can start something and stick to it, because sometimes I have a bit of a problem with that. I plan big, elaborate plans, but rarely do I act on them.
And this is to give me something cool to do and look forward to each week, to help me get through another tough year and my toughest year of school yet. Real World, here I come!