Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week of Sunday, June 24 - Saturday, June 30

This week I did number 2 on my list - I went to scouts every day. I went on Sunday to help paint posters for the summer camp, on Monday to help build things for the summer camp, on Tuesday for my first weekly meeting with my group (fifth grade boys!), on Wednesday to help get things ready for the summer camp, on Thursday for the ceremony where the ninth-graders became part of the older group, on Friday for the second weekly meeting with my group, and on Saturday to help load all the summer camp stuff we built into the containers so that the trucks can take them up north.

The way summer camp works in Scouts in Israel is that grades 9-12 arrive in a forest with a large clearing somewhere in the north of the country. Then, for 5 days, we use logs, ropes, and large teepee cloths to build the whole camp- including large tents for sleeping, a kitchen, a mess hall, a gate for the entrance, the showers, etc. Everything. And five days later grades 4-8 arrive for their 4 days of the summer camp experience.
We leave July 4th and come back the 12th, so between then I won't be updating, but I will still do a challenge that week! I just have to plan ahead.

As we are at the end of the school year, I figured it would be appropriate to do number 23. I've had a tough year and done a lot of stupid things, and I think it would be nice to burn my regrets. Hopefully I'll get pictures up, too!

Ciao, kids.
- Alona

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