Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week of Sunday, July 2 - Saturday, July 8

This week isn't over yet, but I got so trigger-happy about my new camera that I decided to do this week's challenge today. This week I did challenge #23 on my list: writing my regrets down on pieces of paper and then burning them. I had some fun with this, writing regrets that were very serious along with regrets that were just stupid things I did, but I learned from them.
In all, all of these regrets are things that I know I should have done without, but I'm glad I did them because I've learned a lot. Which means that none of them are true, deep regrets, because if I could go back in time I probably still wouldn't change a thing.
It sounds kinda stupid, but a pretty powerful feeling hung about the air as I sat in the sand behind my house and burned the seven little cue-notes. I felt like was really letting go of something. I'm sure I'll still feel a lot of pain regarding some of those regrets, but I know that they're behind me now, that I've dealt with them. Here are some pictures I took:

My regrets...