Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet the Parents

This week's challenge was making dinner for my family. I think it's safe to say the purpose was that I'd learn how to make food, be able to do something for my family, and have fun!
Well, that's not exactly what happened. But I did have fun!

I decided that Friday would be a good day to make dinner for my family. After all, before we all moved to different continents, we'd sit down for dinner every Friday night together, and it felt good to do it again.

I thought long and hard of things that I, with my extremely limited cooking ability, could make. I decided pasta with mushrooms in a rosé sauce with salad and potatoes could work nicely. What happened was that my brother forgot to pick up the mushrooms and potatoes on his way home, the cream for the sauce was spoiled, and we didn't have half the veggies we needed for salad.

I was at a bit of a loss.

So I called my dad into the kitchen, and we improvised and managed to make a decent pasta in tomato sauce and a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, and... that was about it. We went crazy with the pasta, trying out different experiments for the sauce (we put yogurt in the tomato sauce...) and had a lot of fun and made a big mess.

I got a lot more out of this dinner than I bargained for. I got decent food and a good time, sure. But I think the best part about dinner on Friday was spending time with my dad. We had a great time together, trying to make our meal look decent. And because my dad and I don't see each other a lot during the year, it was nice being able to do that with him.

I'd call last week's challenge a success!

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